500 artists! Tell us your favourites …

The addition of Eric Fischl’s work brings us to a new milestone in honesterotica’s evolution – there are now five hundred artists on the website! Still lots more to come of course, but it’s definitely an achievement worth celebrating.

Conceived just six years ago, honesterotica has become the world’s most comprehensive and most-visited resource for erotic art; you will not find more quality artwork and talented artists anywhere else. We’ve put in the effort, but you’ve more than rewarded us with your support and loyalty. We hear regularly from delighted visitors that stopping by the site brightens their day and inspires their imagination.

To celebrate honesterotica500 we’re following up on the suggestion of Robert, one of our most enthusiastic followers, and asking you to tell us which of the many thousands of images on the website are your all-time favourites. We’ll put a selection of your choices up in the blog section of the site later in the summer.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Choose five of your absolute favourite images from the site and save them.
  • Write one or two sentences (no more than 50 words) about what you especially like about each of your chosen pictures.
  • Make sure you include information about which artist and portfolio each of your chosen images comes from.
  • You can write in your own language if you want to; we can translate it into English.
  • We can include your name, Twitter handle, web or blog site if you want, but it’s fine to remain anonymous. If you want to be Anon, just give us a pseudonym and maybe the country you live in. You tell us how you’d like us to attribute your contribution and we’ll do exactly what you ask.
  • Send your contribution, images and text, in an email to info@honesterotica.com with the email heading ‘My favourite erotic images’. The text can be as email text or an attached word processor file. Attach the images to your email rather than embedding them in the email/word processor file; that will help us identify them.
  • Make sure we have your contribution by Friday 30th June.

We look forward very much to reading your contributions and enjoying your favourite images with you and the rest of our followers!