Your favourites, Part 3

8th June 2023

Another set of favourite images, this time from Aly.

There’s still plenty of time to tell us about your favourite images, so choose yours today and head for the information about how to send your contribution, which you’ll find here. We’re all part of this important project, and your input matters… read more

The dark side

5th June 2023

Today’s new artist is the Mexican-born, Barcelona-based Gino Rubert, with his trademark collage paintings and drawings exploring the deeper aspects of human relationships. Erotic yes, but also disturbing and thought-provoking. See his work now by clicking here.

Your favourites, Part 2

4th June 2023

More of our regular visitors have written to us with their five favourite images from the site, Georges and Sir Javier. You can see their choices below.

There’s still plenty of time to tell us which are your five absolute favourites, and why. We really would like to hear from a variety of… read more

Brand spanking new

3rd June 2023

Art as therapy is maybe one interpretation of the naïve spanking drawings of today’s new artist, identified only as a German woman called Alina. What are the stories behind her colourful scenarios? See Alina’s work now by clicking here.

Honesterotica and the fair use of images

29th May 2023

As anyone who visits this site regularly will know, the amount of material we have brought together over the years is pretty phenomenal – more than 500 artists, nearly 1,500 portfolios, and well over 50,000 images. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our images are the best possible quality,… read more

In the raw

26th May 2023

The particular talent of today’s new artist, Hanjo Schmidt, is his portrayal of real people – like us – being intimate. All our engagement, all our imperfections, caught on his large canvases. See his work now by clicking here. What do you think, honestly?

Your favourites – the first contribution is in already!

24th May 2023

It’s been less than a week since we invited you to tell us which of the thousands of images on the honesterotica website are your all-time favourites, and Dave is the first to respond, we hope the first of many. Here are his choices, and why they particularly please him.

Now it’s your turn! Your… read more

Purple fantasies

22nd May 2023

Today’s new artist is the dark, enigmatic Charles Swann, a pseudonym for a purveyor of eroticism whose work nearly disappeared when Tumblr said ‘non’ to all NSFW imagery. But powerful and imaginative art never dies, and you can see Swann’s way now by clicking here.

Full of promise

21st May 2023

An intimate 1902 encounter with a very pregnant young woman is the basis for today’s new portfolio – Anna, the Pregnant Sweetheart, by the unexpectedly talented small-town Austrian writer and artist Franz Hirmann. See his whole story now by clicking here.

Getting closer

20th May 2023

Beautiful, colourful, rich, erotic – all describe the ‘closer’ paintings of today’s new artist, the South African-born, Amsterdam-based Ina van Zyl, who shows us her world, including the bits generally considered sexual but in her art something more – see her work now by clicking here.