Peter van Straaten’s second volume of erotic drawings, Nastoot (Revenge) appeared three years after Aanstoot. Subtitled ‘Another 52 Indecent Drawings’, it continues to explore the theme of explicit sexual behaviour in everyday settings, from the living room and the bathroom to the park and the beach.

As with all van Straaten’s work, these drawings combine detailed social observation with the very best of graphic technique and composition. Any budding erotic artist can learn a great deal from his contrast between dark and light, his masterful shading, his unerring skill in positioning a tree or a cat, and his ability to depict a facial expression or genital detail in a minimum of well-placed strokes of the pen.

Nastoot, like Aanstoot, was published by Uitgeverij de Arbeiderspers.

We are very grateful to Jan Verhaag for sharing this set of images with us.