The combination of Aretino’s wise words and Bécat’s erotic imagery clearly proved a strong pairing, for only three years after Éditions de la Nef d’Argent had produced their single-volume edition of Les ragionamenti the rival Paris publishing firm of Germaine Raoult published its own two-volume edition, with twenty new colour plates by Bécat, rather more explicit and suggestive than the earlier ones.

Again Nanna and her daughter sit under the archetypal Roman tree and discuss whether Pippa should become a nun, a wife or a prostitute. In the follow-up dialogue, comprising the second volume, Nanna teaches her daughter Pippa all about the relationships between prostitutes and their clients, and how to best please them.

The Raoult edition of L’oeuvre du divin Arétin: Les ragionamenti (The Works of the Divine Aretino: The Reasonings) was published in a boxed, limited numbered edition of 375 copies.