Fritz Aigner started drawing erotica in the mid-1960s, as with his painting adapting traditional religious and mythological scenarios; the kissing angels date from 1963, and several similar scenes followed in the next few years. It was not until 1970, however, that he concentrated on detailed drawings on themed topics. His ‘Picasso Scenes’ of 1970–71, ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ series of 1970 (expanded in the 1990s), and ‘Mein Pentameron’ of the mid-1970s depicting traditional German fairy tales in erotic guise, are all highly worked, and often resulted in paintings on related themes.

His stay in London and Ireland included visits to the island of Tresco in the Scilly Isles, resulting in a quartet of drawings from 1984 showing love among the humanoid rocks in the company of Neptune and his aquatic paramour. And as in his paintings, the relationship between nude model and equally nude artist is a common theme.