Florilège literally means the gathering of flowers, but over the years has come to refer to a collection of selected pieces of literary works, especially poems. That is what it means here, and is little more than an excuse to present several dozen mildly erotic poems, generally assumed to have been compiled by Amandine Doré’s husband Albert t’Serstevens (though just as likely a joint effort), alongside some of Amandine’s most original and explicit pen and wash drawings.

These illustrations show this talented artist at the height of her skills; though many are fairly standard compositions, two or three – the woman in the moon, for example, and the rear view of self-pleasuring (with cherubs) – are highly original, demonstrating that Amandine Doré was one of the exceptional erotic talents of the immediate post-war period.

No publisher’s name is given in the limited numbered boxed edition, of which 195 copies were printed.