Histoires raides pour l’instruction des jeunes filles (Robust Tales for the Education of Young Girls) is a collection of salacious short stories collected (and many of them almost certainly written) by the precocious writer and journalist Louis Perceau, who also added a pseudo-literary introduction to the volume. With seemingly innocuous titles like ‘In the Kitchen’ and ‘Courtesy’, all have an erotic twist well suited to the quick and witty pen of Luc Lafnet, here using his pseudonym Pol. He clearly spent very little time on each of these vignettes, but still manages to convey the essence of each erotic encounter.

Histoires raides was published in ‘Marseille, à l’enseigne des trois cagoles’ (under the sign of the three hookers – ‘une cagole’ is Marseillaise slang for a young woman ‘of dubious morals’). It wasn’t, it was produced in Paris by the arch-pornographer Maurice Duflou, in an unnumbered edition of 400 copies.