‘Take note that this book comes with a “seriously horny” warning!’ says the review of Frey’s bestselling Bike Boy by Gay’s the Word bookshop. It goes on, ‘Luckily for us, Zack's smutty fantasy is inexhaustible. And in the follow-up, Bike Boy Rides Again, the sex is even a little dirtier than in the first one. Anything goes, Zack doesn’t care about taboos. A real must have for any fan of gay comic art.’

The Bike Boy storyline is a straightforward coming-of-age: ‘It’s my birthday, eighteen! And what a hot gift I got waitin’ for me.’ Bike Boy wastes no time exploring his new gift, being taken advantage of until he works out the best ways of taking advantage himself.

Bike Boy and Bike Boy Rides Again were published by Bruno Gmünder.