Around 2020 Giovanna Casotto left erotic comics behind, and started to concentrate entirely on developing her watercolours. She had made and sold individual prints before, but the publication of Liquide, an edition of 100 signed portfolios of 15 prints, produced by Grifo Edizioni in 2021, saw her sensitive, colourful paintings marketed to a new audience.

Liquide was followed in 2024 by Nebulose, a portfolio of twenty signed prints, again produced by Grifo in a limited numbered edition of 100 copies.

Casotto’s watercolours still feature the same conventionally beautiful, shapely young women, but demonstrate that the artist is comfortable, fluent and exploratory in her new chosen medium.

Grifo Edizioni’s website, where Giovanna Casotto’s portfolios (and many others) can be purchased, is here.