Roberto Maján’s colourful Kamasutra was his first major solo project, exploring 52 sexual ‘positions’ both possible and completely impossible. Joyful and humorous, subversive and surreal, this collection is the perfect introduction to Maján’s rebellious output.

He has written this introduction to the book, explaining some of his thinking: ‘My Kamasutra was a diversion inattentive to its origins but committed to the iconoclastic and forgetful present, a work created in a meditative state that allowed me to reflect freely on the plasticity of drawing, on line, geometry and colour. I think the references are obvious, Picasso, Paul Colin, Jim Flora, but to combine them all into one I would say that this Kamasutra is pure jazz. I don’t think I repeated any position, but if we also take into account that on many occasions I dispensed with the logic of gravity and human morphology and its capabilities, combining and permuting elements, thousands of books could have been made. But one, I think, is enough.’

Roberto Maján’s Kamasutra was originally published by Artichoque; the 2015 trade version is published by Gato Negro Ediciones, and can be ordered from their website here.