Les caprices de sexe, ou les audaces érotiques de Mademoiselle Louise de B– d’Orléans was written under one of her many pseudonyms, in this case Louise Dormienne, by the libertine writer Renée Dunan. It tells the story of Louise, daughter of the Marquis de Bescé, who discovers sexuality on a summer evening when she surprises a couple of peasants, and then her brother and his mistress. Fleeing a disappointing experience with her fiancé, she flees to Paris, where her sensual life flowers.

The Lafnet illustrations are rather crude compared with his more detailed work, which suggests a tight deadline for delivery, but they still show him enjoying his erotic work.

The edition of Dunan’s erotic novel with twelve colour illustrations by Luc Lafnet was published by Maurice Duflou’s publishing house ‘Aux depens des amis de la galanterie’ (‘at the expense of the friends of gallantry’), in a limited numbered edition of 350 copies.