Under the pseudonym of ‘Jim Black’, Luc Lafnet created many powerful works of BDSM art, in particular his etchings for Florence Fulbert’s Dresseuse d’hommes (The Training of Men) and Sophia Furrya’s Les geôles de dentelles (Prisons of Lace). In both novels, almost certainly published under author pseudonyms (no other works by these authors are known), Lafnet depicted Amazonian women thrashing errant men and women with whips and belts, humiliating and degrading them. In Dresseuses d’hommes the women are always in control, their subjects needing to be chastised and put in their place.

Dresseuses d’hommes: dialogues intimes was published by Jean Fort’s Collection des Orties Blanches (White Nettle Collection); a prelims page mentions some eighteen other spanking and punishment titles published by the same publisher.