Esclave amoureuse: roman sur la flagellation de la petite fille, de la maîtresse et de l’épouse (Slave love: the story of the flagellation of the little girl, the mistress and the wife) is one of several spanking novels published by Jean Fort and illustrated by Lafnet (under his Jim Black pseudonym) in his extensive Collection des Orties Blanches (White Nettle Collection). The story itself is straightforward and well-written, that of a young woman who experiences her first flogging at the hands of a woman teacher, thereafter more or less willingly submitting to her lover and her husband.

It is not known who Jean de Chancènes is, clearly yet another pseudonym; all we know is that two other erotic novels, Duel de femmes (Women’s Duel) and Frénésies amoureuses (Love’s Frenzies) were written under the same nom de plume.

Esclave amoureuse was first published in a text only version in 1913; after the Lafnet-illustrated edition it was reprinted by Éditions de l’Éden in 1957, and once more by Amsterdam-based Belphégor, with the Lafnet illustrations, in 1969.