As well as being a valuable resource and inspiration, honesterotica also invites participation – your participation!

We welcome your feedback on the website in general, as well as on individual illustrators and portfolios.

In order to post to the site, you will need to register and sign in using the panel at the top of the page; this is to maintain the integrity and quality of the site. When you post, only your screen name will appear to other users; all other details including your email address will be held securely by us and never shared.

Please think carefully before you contact us through feedback – if you just want to like something, do it through our Twitter account, and we’re always happy for you to add a link to the website! If you have something substantive to say, however, especially if it adds to the information we have already given, we would love to hear from you.

We are particularly interested:

  • if you have more detailed biographical information or photographs of one of the lesser-known illustrators, or if we have given inaccurate or incomplete information.
  • if you are able to supply a set of high-resolution scans or photographs of a portfolio we haven’t included, or complete high-resolution portfolios of illustrations where we have only been able to find low-resolution versions.
  • if you know of an illustrator whose work you think we should include but haven’t yet.
  • if you are an illustrator actively working in this genre and would like to have a portfolio of your work considered for the site.

Note that all feedback to honesterotica is moderated, so please be patient when you submit feedback. We will read it all.

Having said that, like most websites we find that quite a lot of the feedback is robot-generated spam, so if you have something important and useful to share with us it’s more likely to get a response if you email us at, with a subject line that lets us know clearly what your email is about.

We look forward to hearing from you …